- Bachelor of Fine Arts. Graduated at the head of the class (Universidad del Pais Vasco 2007) and specialized on painting and restoration.

- Seneca Scholarship for one year in “Universidad Complutense de Madrid” (2005-2006).

- Erasmus Scholarship in “Delli Accademia Belle Arti” in Florence (2006-2007) in the art of painting.

- Scholarship for a specialization master in “Universidad Complutense de Madrid” awarded by Guipúzcoa Provincial Council (2007-2008).

- Official postgraduate master in cultural heritage: conservation, restauration and exhibitions. Specialized in restoration projects.

Further training

- “Human Head, the self-portrair” course (3-28 July 2006), programmed by the “Universidad Complutense de Madrid”, through its General Foundation. It was led by D. Angel Rojas Martinez and taught by D. Andrés Castellanos, Jesús Rodríguez Sánchez, D. Ferreras José González-Macias and D. Victor Francisco Fernández-Zarza.

- Course on nineteen century painting organized by Prado National Museum and conducted by Francisco Calvo Serraller (November 2007).

- Training in the Ministry of Culture during 3 months. The internship was focused on research.

- Course of painting restoration in Florence Palazzo Spinelli between February and June 2007.

- Technical meeting held the 22th February 2008 regarding “solvents, aqueous solutions and new polymers for restoration” in collaboration with C.T.S. Spain and the “Museo Nacional-Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (MNCARS)”.

- 9th conference on conservation and restoration of contemporary art.

Awards and prizes

- Individual exhibition in San Sebastian Aquarium february 2016

-Participation in International Contemporary Art Fair in Kursaal ( San Sebastian, July 2015)

-Individual exhibition in "Galería Canvas" (Pamplona, March 2014)

- Individual exhibition in "Cines Príncipe" ( San Sebastian, October 2013)

- Participation in "Cutlog art fair" (Paris, October 2013)

- Participation in "Getxoarte"(Bilbao, October 2013)

- Individual exhibition in Okendo Culture´s House (San Sebastian, December 2012).

- Participation in “Feria del Arte Emergente/Room art fair” ( Madrid, October 2012).

- Individual exhibition in “Café Kursaal” (San Sebastian, September 2012).

- Individual exhibition “Galería Canvas” (Pamplona, March 2012).

- Individual exhibition in Lugaritz Cultural Center (San Sebastián, March 2011).

- Individual exhibition in Ernest Lluch Culture House (San Sebastián, October-November 2010).

- Individual exhibition at “La colchonería” (San Sebastian, March 2010).

- Individual exhibition at “J70 decoración” (San Sebastian, November 2009).

- Interview by EITB program “Gaur Egun” on August 2008.

- Publication of my work in the AD decoration magazine, the world’s most beautiful homes (p. 108-112, April 2008).

- Exhibition in Euskonews and media (October 2007).


Painting lessons in “Estudio-Taller de Pintura MIHISE”

Estudio - Taller MIHISE C/ Aguirre Miramon 1, local 22. CP: 20002 Donostia - San Sebastián Telf. 625 864 371 Development: