Each work title makes reference to the electric guitar model represented.

In this new series, works keep cubist inspiration and mixed technique. Previously, old illustrations’ cuts were only used and, this time, fragments of current magazines and newspapers which address issues such as social inequalities are also included.

The intention is to provide a critical look at the “inconsistency” of today’s world, through, for example, the differences between being born in ‘good’ or ‘bad’ side of the world. This leads to many people being deprived of resources at all levels, especially educational, while others are focused on trivial issues such as excessive preoccupation about appearance.

Still Life Cubist

In this series works inspired in cubism are found. Multiple perspective and collage technique are used with clippings from a magazine dated on 1927 that was aimed to the women at the time. In this clippings issues as up-to-date as the objects in the still lives are reflected.

The social exigencies to women respect to maternity, beauty, etc, in the past remain nowadays in the substrate of our society.

Entries To The Forest

This series represents entries to the forest. In the first stage of the series trees after a fire were represented. They were very dark but a strong beam of light entered on them.

In a second stage, the forests turned coloured and the light did not come only from a beam of light but it was also generated by the combination of colours in the work.

In both cases the light symbolizes hope after difficult situations.

Textures protruding from the canvas give greater realism to the picture.


This series was created after STILL LIFE CUBIST SERIES in an attempt to find more complex thematics.

Applying the multiple perspective in cityscape was inconsistent and therefore I looked for an alternative way of doing it. The solution consisted on overlapping planes, saturating or smudging areas, or even capturing different times of the day in one painting.


The Great City

This series represent different cities but in most of the cases from a higher point of view than usual. From that perspective, cities have shapes unknown by us.